Viccarbe specialises in the manufacture of elegant and functional furniture. Founded in Valencia, the company combines Mediterranean aesthetics with functionality and innovative design. With a strong focus on quality and aesthetics, Viccarbe creates unique designs that are convincing in both residential and professional environments such as offices and public facilities.

The design concept

With clean lines, simple shapes and the use of high-quality materials, Viccarbe pursues a minimalist design approach. Each piece of furniture is designed with great care and attention to detail, not only to be visually appealing but also to offer maximum comfort and durability. The renowned designers behind Viccarbe know how to combine functionality and beauty in perfect harmony.

Collections that inspire

One of Viccarbe’s greatest strengths is its versatile collections, which have been designed for different needs and tastes. From elegant sofas and armchairs to stylish tables and sophisticated chairs and stools, Viccarbe offers a wide range of furniture that blends harmoniously into different interior styles.

The new Noah chair collection, created by the renowned designers Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba, deserves a special mention. Noah is characterised by its innovative design and high level of seating comfort. With clear lines and high-quality materials, this collection sets new standards in modern chair design.

Equally impressive is the Funda Collection by Stefan Diez, which consists of elegant chairs, armchairs and bar stools. This collection impresses with its sophisticated design and versatility, which is convincing in both private and commercial settings.

Not forgetting the Burin Table Collection by the renowned designer Patricia Urquiola. This collection stands for creative and functional table design that sets a special accent in various environments. Urquiola’s ability to combine aesthetics and functionality is reflected in each of her works and makes the Burin Table Collection a highlight in any room.

Sustainability and quality

Sustainability and environmental awareness are very important to Viccarbe. The furniture is made from sustainable materials and produced according to ecological standards. This demonstrates the brand’s commitment to creating not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable products that protect the environment.

Viccarbe at

We at are proud to represent Viccarbe exclusively on the German market from 2024. We are convinced of the outstanding quality and timeless design of this brand and look forward to introducing you to this exquisite furniture. Be inspired by the high-quality and versatile collections and find out how Viccarbe will inspire you and your customers.